Success Story:Sheryl & Mike

Sheryl & Mike

“Their customer service was top notch. I trust the quality of the product and work that Revolusun provided.”

There were many reasons the Locke’s wanted to invest into a Photovoltaic system. Saving money and becoming more energy independent were certainly factors. The most important factor was knowing they have done something tangible to reduce their carbon footprint and leave this world a better place for thier daughter.

Success Story: Hugh W.

Wakuzawa's Story

“We love not having an electric bill since RevoluSun installed our system”

The Wakuzawas love to entertain. With that said their Photvoltaic system allowed them to reduce their $400 electric bill to $0. The Wakuzawas love the fact that are powering their home with clean renewable energy which is the way of the future.

Success Story: Pat C.

Chambers' Story

“My RevoluSun Project Developer was down to earth, straight forward, and easy to work with”

With the rising cost of electricity, Pat decided to take control of his energy future. With an estimated payment of over $340,000 to the electric utility over the next 25 years, a Photovoltaic system at a fraction of that cost was a great investment.

Success Story: Suzanne V.

Ventura's Story

“We Chose RevoluSun because their product was superior”

The Ventura’s chose to incorporate a SunPower Photovoltaic system into the construction of their new home. They wanted to start saving immediately and felt a Photovoltaic and Solar Hot Water system was the right way to go. With the tax credits and no payments for one year, it was very affordable.

Success Story: Henry and Chris L.

Henry and Chris L.

“RevoluSun is a proven trustworthy, highly respectable company. Their workmanship is excellent as so advertised.”

They decided to install a PV system after seeing a significant rise in our electricity bill. Many of their friends who have PV systems have been very satisfied with the results.  And with additional increases on the horizon, they felt it only made sense to get control of their energy costs.

Success Story: Sean and Marla H.

Sean and Marla H.

“My father was so taken by the savings and professionalism of RevoluSun, he purchased a solar system for his house too.”

They were thinking about solar energy for their home for some time. And when they heard about RevoluSun and how they could get a solar system with zero down, they knew now was the time.

Success Story: Puna A.

Puna A.

“We chose RevoluSun, because of the quality of the panels and the quality of the installation. We knew we were getting the best of the best and that’s what we wanted here on our house.”

They had an electric bill of approximately $170 – $180 per month. And now their electric bill is only $15 a month, sometimes only $8.

Success Story: Larry W.

Larry W.

“I chose RevoluSun to design and install my custom system. RevoluSun got the job done right and on time. I’m now saving more than $350 a month in electricity costs.”

RevoluSun customers can rely on quality in service, professionalism, and materials.

Success Story: Lucas Family

Lucas Family Hawaii with RevoluSun PV system

“The decision was easy. We’re enjoying the savings and RevoluSun rocks. We recommend it to everybody!”

Before installation, the Lau’s average monthly bill was between $115 and $120. After their PV system, their bill shrunk to $16.

Success Story: Lau Family

Lau Family Hawaii with RevoluSun PV system

“Our RevoluSun Project Developer was very prompt and responsive 24/7. RevoluSun is a proven trustworthy and highly respectable company.”

The Lucas’s recommend RevoluSun to everybody!

Success Story: Lacovelli Family

Lacovelli Family Hawaii with RevoluSun PV system

“One of the reasons we chose RevoluSun is because we now have a predictable electric bill: we don’t pay for electricity.”

The Lacovelli’s wanted to contribute to their community by having their “own little energy unit.” They also feel good about doing the right thing, both environmentally and economically.

Success Story: Businger Family

Businger Family Hawaii with RevoluSun PV system

“I can look my grandchildren in the face and say, ‘I did something. I knew it was coming.’ And that gives me a lot of satisfaction.”

Science is Mr. Businger’s vocation. He has studied climate data, and wants to invest in RevoluSun for the future of his children.

Success Story: G. Higa & Family

Higa Family Hawaii with RevoluSun PV system

“The system works absolutely wonderful. The savings on our investment has been fantastic, plus the financing was great.”

Glen Higa really wanted to make his home much more efficient, so he called RevoluSun. Now he’s happy to get his electric bill far under $100.

Success Story: Hankins Family

Hankins Family Hawaii with RevoluSun PV system

“This is the best thing we’ve ever done. It’s not only helping us, but our next generation as well.”

The Hankins live in a multi-generational household and saw their electric bill drop from $700 o $16 a month. They also added an electric car, so their PV system is not only paying their electric bill but their gas bill as well!

Success Story: Saunders Family

Saunders Family Hawaii with RevoluSun PV system

“We chose RevoluSun because they had the most powerful panel available on the market and extremely professional installation.”

Mr. Saunders was concerned about his tile roof leaking after installation, and was very pleased to learn that RevoluSun guarantees its workmanship. Their only regreet was that they wish they had installed thier PV system sooner.

Success Story: Tabata Family

Tabata Family Hawaii with RevoluSun PV system

“It’s so satisfying to see our electricity bill plummet. We pay close to nothing year-round. It feels good to reduce oil imports and come out ahead financially.”

After attending a RevoluSun open house, Mr. Tabata found a financing solution that worked with his budget. He says ‘the financial incentive was hard to beat.’

Success Story: Zehngraff Family

Zehngraff Family Hawaii with RevoluSun PV system

“We’ll have the system paid off in the next five years. It was a good move. We feel good about what we’re doing for our world.”

The Zehngraff’s highest monthly expense was a $700 electric bill, which after RevoluSun dropped to $16 a month. They also got a lot of money back from the state thanks to clean technology tax incentives.