Save Money with Solar

Go solar and save!

Whatever your goals – reducing energy costs and consumption, generating a new revenue stream, switching to a more sustainable business or all three – RevoluSun’s commercial solar installation will far exceed your expectations.

Purchase or lease a PV system — we offer both

Purchasing the system they want to know how much they will save right away and how quickly the system will pay for itself. For non-profits using a PPA they also want to know how much they can save right away.

Why RevoluSun?

While every solar company promises utility cost savings and environmental benefits, we also offer some of the highest quality panels on the market —  SunPower — and a quality installation to match. Our principal installation partner, American Pipe and Boiler, is a fully bonded local company with an excellent history, track record and balance sheet.

Make money from solar?

That’s right! You can use your empty roof space or unused agricultural land to save your business thousands of dollars each month. RevoluSun is one of a few companies in Hawaii with solar farm installation experience as part of HECO’s Feed-In Tariff program.


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