Battery Bonus Q&A


Battery Bonus Q&A

1. What is Battery Bonus

Cash Incentive to Add Energy Storage to an Existing or New Rooftop Solar System.

2. How much is the incentive?

Payment is:

$850 per(kw) for those accepted. The program is capped at 40MW for all customers.

(For example 5kw would yeild a $4,250 bonus)Hawaiian Electric will confirm by checking battery data that the system is meeting its committed performance in the program for the customer to recieve the full amount of the incentive.

3. How Do I know if I am eligible?

Battery Bonus is available to new and existing residential and commercial customers with rooftop solar and a battery storage system from on-site solar generation under Hawaiian Electric’s Net Energy Metering, Customer Self-Supply, Customer Grid-Supply, Customer Grid Supply Plus, Smart Export or Standard Interconnection Agreement programs.

4. Can I just add a battery to my existing system to participate?


5. I got my system installed in early 2021, can I still get the incentive?

Hawaiian Electric is currently investigating a policy and process for this scenario.

6. Can I just add more panels to my system to participate?

No. They system must include a new eligible battery system.

7. How do I know if my new battery system is eligible?

Ask your solar contractor to be sure your new battery has the capabilites to participate.

8. Is there a minimum or maximum battery power(kw) or capacity size(kwh)?

No. But it is important to have a panel-to-battery ratio that allows the battery to perform its intended function. For example, you need enough onsite solar generation to fill the committed battery capacity amount each day or you may face penalties.

9. When does the program run?

Battey Bonus is open and will be available until total enrolled capacity reaches 40 megawatts or until August 14, 2023, whichever comes first.

10. Is Battery Bonus the only Battery Incentive Program?

No. The Home Battery Rewards Program(HBR) is another Storage incentive, call us today to learn more about this exciting program.

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