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Air Conditioner Installation in Hawaii | Revolusun Cooling Systems

Air Conditioner Installation in Hawaii | Revolusun Cooling

We Specialize in AC Installation in Honolulu

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HVAC Promos

Promos run until May 31, 2024 and are non-transferable.

HVAC Maintenance Promo-image
HVAC Maintenance Promo

Existing Revolusun Customers receive AC maintenance for each indoor unit for a discounted price of $175 (normally $250) for equipment purchased from RevoluSun.

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RevoluSun Customers AC Promo-image
RevoluSun Customers AC Promo

Existing RevoluSun customers receive 10% off of a new AC system on equipment purchased from and installed by RevoluSun.

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New Customers AC Promo

New RevoluSun customers receive 5% off of a new AC system with first-year, one-time complementary maintenance for equipment purchased from and installed by RevoluSun.

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Get AC for ZERO DOWN and no payments for 12 months.

Financing Option for AC

Hawai’i State FCU’s PV loan includes 24 months no interest /no payments followed by 72 months starting at 7.7% interest. You must join the credit union to participate and can borrow up to $75K to finance your PV, solar hot water, roofing and/or energy efficient air conditioning home improvement.


How Can an AC Unit Deliver Purified Air?

Rinse-to-clean filters keep your AC running at its best and filter out dust, pollen and other allergens from the air. Make your home a cool oasis of clean air with split air conditioning. As a result, a new AC unit will cut down on allergies and purify your air in the home.

Air Conditioner Installation Reviews


We could not be happier with the service that we received from RevoluSun. We had used them several years ago for our first set of PV panels. We recently used them again to add PV panels with and Tesla Powerwalls. We just used them for installation of our split AC units.

– J Lai

The workers were friendly, professional, with excellent workmanship and attention to detail. They stayed within budget despite our large project of re-roofing, upgrading our PV system, and adding air conditioners .I highly recommend Revolusun without hesitation.

John Lee

They showed up on time, effectively removed the old evaporator and condenser, properly installed the new evaporator and condenser, and explained how to clean and maintain those units to extend their lifetime. RevoluSun is my go-to company for my air conditioning and solar energy system needs.

Thomas Jee

Zoned Comfort Solutions

Zoned Comfort solutions let you control the temperature in your home room by room, so you only cool rooms you want cooled and cool each room to the exact temperature desired. That’s why Mitsubishi systems are up to 40% more efficient than central air conditioning. They can also be retrofitted to existing ducting so you can replace that old, inefficient system that costs a fortune to run.

Perfect Temperatures

Do you have a window unit that you run on “eco” mode to save money? It probably waits until the room is uncomfortably warm before it kicks in at high gear, makes the room too cold, then shuts off and starts the hot-cold cycle again, right? Not only are you never really comfortable, it’s a waste of electricity! Split ACs are 35% more efficient than window units, and thanks to “inverter technology,” they use very little electricity to keep the temps constant.

12/12/12 Warranty

When you purchase an AC system from RevoluSun, you not only get expert installation, you receive a 12 year warranty on parts and labor. 

Daikin offers a 12 years parts AND labor warranty and Mitsubishi offers a 12 years parts warranty. RevoluSun makes the Mitsubishi warranty even sweeter. If you maintain your split AC as recommended by Mitsubishi — by getting annual professional preventative maintenance of your system by RevoluSun — we will cover the labor cost for any repairs during those 12 years.

That means worry-free operation of your Daikin and Mitsubishi split AC for 12 years just by doing what you’d do anyway to keep your system in top shape. It pays to Join the RevoluSun!

Air Conditioning Services in Honolulu, HI

The team at RevoluSun provides reliable, safe, and efficient air conditioning services here in Honolulu, HI. With over 40 years of combined professional HVAC experience, we can handle any of your AC installation, repair, and maintenance needs.

Our ongoing commitment to delivering a superior air conditioning service has been recognized with our Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor status, along with the many satisfied customers we count among our friends and neighbors here in Honolulu, HI.

Solar & Smart Air Conditioner Installation for Honolulu Homes

Everyone wants to keep their Honolulu, HI, home cool during the summer, which is why you probably have an air conditioner hard at work. However, the more it works, the more money you’ll have to pay to maintain comfort.

Air conditioners also use a lot of energy, emitting copious amounts of carbon dioxide. As a result, your home is kept cool, but you’re contributing to the pollution of the environment.

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How Long Would It Take for my new system to be installed?

If you’re having your full system replaced, the installation may take up to three days: one day for the new unit to be installed and two days for the ductwork to be installed.