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Solar Hot Water Installation in Hawaii - RevoluSun

Thermal Solar Hot Water Installation

Turn to Revolusun for Solar Hot Water.

Get Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water

Stop letting your money go down the drain! Literally! Up to 40% of the average electric bill goes to heating water. RevoluSun offers Solar Hot Water systems, installation and service to meet your household’s need for hot water.

Benefits of solar hot water:

  • Save money!
  • Industry leading technology: RevoluSun uses SunEarth products, which have been the industry standard for the past 40+ years!
  • 10 year warranty on products and installation!
  • Robust tax incentives, that can reduce your investment by up to 65%
  • Some homeowners can benefit from an additional rebate from ‘Hawaii Energy’. Please Click Here
  • Financing available!
Benefit of a Revolusun solar hot water system is that you’ll get top notch service, quality products and save your money!


How Does Thermal Solar Hot Water Work?

Solar collectors, or panels, on the roof of your home are connected through a series of pipes to a solar water tank. Water pressure forces the cool water in your tank up these pipes and into the solar collectors. The collectors trap the sun’s heat and transfer it to the water inside the tank.

When the water gets hot enough from the sun, the circulation pump transfers it back into the storage tank where it rises to the top of unit. The cool water, which remains near the bottom of the unit, is pumped to the solar collectors, completing the solar heating cycle. The circulation pump will continue to run as long as the sun is up. In times of poor weather and heavy use, a timer-controlled, back-up heating element located in the solar water tank will ensure you have hot water.