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Revolusun Residential Services



Trusted installation and maintenance providers.

With an impressive record of installing over 10,000 residential photovoltaic + storage systems, we showcase our extensive experience and expertise in the industry. This substantial number underscores our ability to navigate and overcome diverse challenges, refining our proficiency in the field.

We are Hawaii’s most trusted Solar + Storage provider.


Seamless energy backup for the entire home.

Solar storage aka “solar batteries” are now a standard part of any solar system that RevoluSun installs. With increasingly higher rates and new utility programs that encourage homeowner participation in sharing electricity, a storage system not only reduces your electricity bill, it amplifies the efficiency of your solar setup and also significantly increases the value of your solar investment.

Our customizable storage solutions provide the flexibility you need to tailor your energy usage according to your preferences. Whether you want to maximize savings by setting specific discharge and charge times of your battery, or ensure your battery is always at full capacity for potential power outages, you have control, with easy to use system apps.

Our customers love knowing they will have uninterrupted power and comfort no matter what is happening on our Island’s grid.

Solar + Storage

The Perfect Pair

Solar + Storage

Combining solar PV and storage just makes sense! It reduces a lifetime of electricity payments, allows uninterrupted living from short outages and provides peace of mind and security during longer grid failures. Understanding the concept of solar PV is one thing, but navigating solar batteries is where our expertise shines.

Since 2016, RevoluSun has completed thousands of battery installations, from single home batteries to large industrial batteries for commercial facilities. As a result, RevoluSun stands as Hawaii’s most trusted solar + storage provider, consistently ranking as #1 solar + storage provider in the state. Allow us the opportunity to show you what makes our experience different. Click the button below and Join us in revolutionizing your energy future.


Air Conditioning

Cool, quiet and efficient… With over 40 years of combined experience in air conditioning, our team understands the unique needs of island living and island homes. RevoluSun air conditioning solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your home, keeping you and your family comfortable year round. With just a touch of a button, our cutting-edge and energy-efficient systems bring you the luxury of creating the perfect indoor temperature. Trust in our seasoned professionals to deliver not only cool air but also an understanding of the island’s distinct requirements, making your Oahu living experience even more refreshing and enjoyable.

Thermal Solar Hot Water Installation

Have you heard the term ‘money down the drain’? Well, that’s exactly what happens anytime you use hot water in your home with an electric water heater, whether in the shower or at the kitchen sink. However, with a solar hot water system, you harness the power of the sun to heat your water instead of relying on electricity (which costs money) for the job. Solar water heaters feature roof-mounted solar collectors that absorb sunlight during the day, heating water stored in a tank for later use. These tanks have backup electric power for overcast or rainy days, providing a simple yet highly efficient form of solar energy. Depending on your family size, hot water consumption, and tank size, a Solar Hot Water system can save you up to 40% on your electricity bills!

Get Solar Hot Water

Hawaiis Most Trusted Solar Installer.


816 total reviews with a 4.8 average.

“Outstanding customer service. I have had my system for 8 years and it seems that the originally installed micro inverters were problematic. Revolusun has replaced them in a very timely manner. Pleasant to deal with and I give their professionalism 5 stars.”

– Barry F.

“I have been a RevoluSun customer since 2010, when I purchased my solar panels. My sales rep is fantastic! She always returns calls and follows up when I have a question or two or three.

– Beverly O.

“If you are looking for a reputable local company that will exceed your expectations and continue to be there long after your system is up and running, look no further than RevoluSun. I can’t say enough about how impressed I was with the entire process.”

– Colby S.