HECO Battery Incentives

Which HECO program is right for you?

Battery Programs

Participating in these battery programs allows you to earn money off of your storage capacity.

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Home Battery Rewards

Activate your Powerwall functions by enrolling in the Swell Home Battery Rewards Program and start earning today!

As a member of HBR, you’ll join a network of solar + battery systems that generate, store, and return energy to the grid. This helps balance the electrical grid during times of high or low energy supply. It’s people coming together for the greater good, building a greater grid!

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Bring Your Own Device

COMING MARCH 2024 – Enrollment in BYOD provides customers up to three incentives: a one-time upfront payment, a monthly incentive, and credits for controlled energy exports during a defined period called a

BYOD event. More information is available On the HECO website at Customer Incentive Programs.

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Battery Bonus

The Battery Bonus program has reached its maximum capacity on Oahu. No new applications are being processed. A successor program to Battery Bonus known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) will be available to our customers starting March 1, 2024.

“Thanks to solid customer response Battery Bonus was able to meet its goal of adding critical energy storage to Oahu’s grid,“ said Lani Shinsato, HECO Customer Energy Resources co-director.

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