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Construction Phases - RevoluSun

Construction Phases


We Build Our Systems in Four Stages

This allows us to specialize our crews so that the right people are doing the right scope of work on your project. Depending on the installation requirement of your solar system, it may be possible for us to schedule a “hybrid” appointment where we combine the first three stages into one installation appointment over the course of several days. Our scheduler will discuss the details of the installation logistics with you.

Phase 1 Layout Installation

This is the installation of the roof mounts, plywood board to support the electrical equipment, and if necessary, the Tesla Powerwall pad. Unless your home has metal rafters, open beam or vaulted ceilings, and/or if you requested electrical equipment to be installed inside your garage, you don’t need to be home as all our work will be on the exterior of the house.

Phase 2 Racking Installation

This is when the rails and panels will be installed on the roof. Unless there are roof access limitations, you don’t need to be home for this appointment.

Phase 3 Electrical Installation

This is the final electrical tie-in. If we are installing the conduit in the attic or if the electrical equipment is the garage, access will be required to the interior of your home during this appointment.

Phase 4 Monitoring Installation

This involves setting up your monitoring system(s) and reprogramming your inverters to comply with HECO’s advanced inverter requirements in addition to obtaining the information required to submit your closing documents (i.e. Validation Packet) to HECO. The technician will need access to the electrical equipment and batteries (if applicable).