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Education (Pending)


Don’t just go solar… Join the RevoluSun!



Superior Installation

We’ve installed more than 8,000 solar systems homes and businesses across Hawaii and it shows! Our installation process, developed through years of experience, will give you a system that looks better, stands up to the elements better and functions better than the other guys. From the way we flash our mounts and secure our panels, down to the way we route our conduit, RevoluSun ensures a great looking solar system that will last.

Superior Products

RevoluSun rigorously tests every product we sell. We work with industry-leading manufacturers–from the solar panels to the nuts and bolts. We use only the best for your home.

More Savings

RevoluSun is a proud SunPower Dealer, the maker of the world’s most efficient solar panels. With SunPower, you will produce more solar energy from the first day your solar system is installed. And continue to day after day, week after week, year after year SunPower Solar Panels will continue to produce more power than conventional panels… Meaning more savings for you!


From plantation-style, single-wall constructed homes to large commercial buildings, RevoluSun has installed over 8,000 residential systems and hundreds of commercial systems on Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai and the Big Island.


More than just a solar provider, RevoluSun is a licensed General Contractor and holds additional speciality licenses to perform Solar, Electrical, Roofing, HVAC and other services. Over the past 9 years in business we have seen the solar industry go from just a handful of providers, to hundreds of solar providers both local and mainland companies during the “boom” periods. Today, our industry is made up of just a few companies that have been able to ride the “waves” of our solar industry.  We are a locally owned company that is well diversified, giving our clients peace of mind, knowing that we will be around to provide you the service you expect for your investment.