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Home Battery Rewards

Learn about home battery incentives in Hawaii.

Get Solar

Unlock your Powerwall to lower your electric bill even further! Earn up to $145 per month through 2031!

What is the Home Battery Rewards Program?
In partnership with Hawaiian Electric, the Swell Energy Home Battery Rewards Program harnesses power from your home batteries and channels it to the electric grid WITHOUT negatively impacting your ability to back up your home. 

As a member of HBR, you’ll join a network of solar + battery systems that generate, store, and return energy to the grid. This helps balance the electrical grid during times of high or low energy supply. By enrolling, you will help make O‘ahu 100% renewable while earning thousands of dollars.

Oahu Customer Net HBR Incentives
Number of PowerwallsMonthly IncentiveAnnual ValueTotal Program Value
(Until 2031)
Monthly incentives are given over the course of the program, the graph above shows total values for the remaining 7 years of the program that started December 2021 and ends December 2031.

HBR Customer Testimonial

“I was motivated to enroll in the HBR program by the opportunity to receive credits on my electric bill… I am delighted to know that my solar power is benefiting other homes in my neighborhood through the HBR program. Overall, I would definitely recommend enrolling in the HBR program to my friends and family. My experience with HBR can be summarized in one word: happy. ” J.K.

Please browse through our FAQs below. If you still have questions you can schedule an appointment with an  HBR Specialists: Schedule an appt. with Devin 


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1. Does it cost money to join the HBR Program?

No. The exact opposite. The number of Powerwalls you have and how soon you enroll determines the amount of Rewards you earn.

2. How much will I earn by participating?

The amount you’re paid to participate depends on the number of batteries you have on your home, your system size and kwh produced. You will get an estimated range of savings when you enroll and you will see your fixed monthly payment on your utility bill after you enroll.

3. Is there any time commitment?

No. You are free to unenroll at anytime.

4. How do I receive my rewards?

You will see a reduction on your electric bill every month. The HBR program will have a special itemized line on your bill. If your incentive reaches your minimum bill or goes beyond your minimum bill you’ll also get a check from Hawaiian Electric each month.

5. How do I sign up?

Simply enroll by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this webpage. An Energy Consultant will get in touch to provide you further details and answer any questions you have regarding the program.

6. What if I only pay the minimum fee on my electric bill?

The incentive can reduce your payment below the minimum bill each month. Any additional incentive after your bill costs have been covered will be rolled over to the following month and a negative balance will be reflected on your HECO bill.

7. How will my battery be managed for the HBR Program?

Your battery will be intelligently managed for the duration of the program to maximize the value of your normal operations and HBR benefits each day. For optimized program operations, your system will need to remain on settings as determined by Swell.

8. What Settings Would My System Need to Be Set to While Participating?

20% reserve, self-powered mode, no grid charging, battery and PV export to grid. These settings are located in your Tesla app.

9. What happens during a grid outage? Will my battery be asked to provide electricity to the grid?

Your system will “Island” itself and only provide electricity to your home as originally designed.

10. How does the Program Work?

Swell Energy partners with your utility to manage your system as well as all participants in the Home Battery Rewards program to respond to a specific need on the grid. This includes taking excess energy off the grid, or shifting energy from your battery to your home and the grid. The value of the program is based on the fact that your system can intelligently respond in real time.

11. I have solar plus battery storage, but not a Tesla Powerwall. Do I need a Tesla Powerwall to enroll?

At this time, only Tesla Powerwall customers can enroll in the Home Battery Rewards Program. Let us know your battery type by filling out the contact form and we will be in touch to discuss how you can participate when we are ready to enroll your battery type.

12. I have solar but I don’t have a battery, can I still participate?

No Powerwall, no problem! If you have solar, we can help you get a Powerwall installed so you can participate. Get in touch and we’ll advise the best options to get you going in the program.

13. Can I enroll in the program if I don’t have solar?

Currently the program is enrolling Hawaiian Electric customers who have solar installed on their homes with a Tesla Powerwall battery. We can install solar plus a Tesla Powerwall for homeowners without it who want to participate in the program. Fill out the contact form and a Swell Energy Consultant will be in touch to discuss your options.

14. What happens if I want to un-enroll from the program?

You can opt-out of the program at any time. There is no penalty for leaving and you will NOT be required to repay any funds received while in the program.

15. Who is Swell Energy?

Swell Energy is creating a greater grid for the greater good. As an energy management and smart grid solutions provider accelerating the mass adoption of clean energy technologies (solar plus Tesla Powerwall backup batteries), Swell is making it easy for businesses and homeowners to take control of their energy use, achieve energy security, and save costs.

16. What is the benefit of participating in HBR?

  1. Earn additional value from your Powerwall
  2. Increase grid stability in your neighborhood
  3. Reduce fossil fuels use and support the transition to a 100% renewable Hawaii.


You and thousands of other Powerwall systems will join together to form a distributed power resource that can deliver Megawatts of power on demand. By enrolling in the program, you are making a meaningful contribution to Hawaii’s 100% renewable energy goal. Official Press Release