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HBR 2.0


Activate your Powerwall functions by enrolling in Swell Home Battery Rewards 2.0 and earn up to $37,000!

What is the Home Battery Rewards Program 2.0 (HBR 2.0)?
In partnership with Hawaiian Electric, the Swell Energy HBR 2.0 Program harnesses power from your home batteries and channels it to the electric grid WITHOUT negatively impacting your ability to back up your home. Now with added benefits!

* Incentives are paid out monthly over the course of the program, the graph above shows payment ranges for the entire value of the incentives of the program that started on December 22, 2021 and ends December 22, 2031

You still get paid for your home energy production, assist your community in the clean energy transition and help stabilize Hawaii’s electric grid AND now the benefits just got better!

Already enrolled in HBR?

Customers who have submitted their permit for a new battery AFTER 7.1.2021 are eligible for this incentive!

New to HBR?

Customers who have submitted their permit for a new battery AFTER 7.1.2021 are eligible for this incentive!

Surf’s up! Understanding Grid Events

And so are the savings on your electric bill if you are enrolled in HBR 2.0. Our electrical grid, like surfing, takes a lot of skill and balance to deliver power to everyone island wide. Just like surfers “read a wave”, our local grid operators have to “read the electrical demands” of Oahu. Sometimes there is more electricity than demand, other times there is not enough to meet demand and the grid needs a stabilizing event. That’s where your battery and the HBR program come in. Here are three events that call on your battery:

The Drop-In – Capacity Reduce



Your batteries charge through the afternoon, when solar energy is most abundant. During the period between 5 PM and 9 PM the Battery System will discharge energy as needed to meet the evening energy needs of the grid.

The FLOATER – Capacity Build



Your batteries discharge energy to your home and the grid sometime during the nighttime and early morning. During peak solar energy periods between 10 AM and 2 PM your PV System will recharge the battery.

The CUT BACK – Fast Frequency Response



When there is a temporary imbalance on the grid, your Battery System’s Fast Frequency Response capability activates, commanding your batteries to discharge to bring the grid frequency back into balance. Your Battery will reserve some energy and discharge capability at all times to be prepared for these events. 

You and thousands of other Powerwall systems will join together to form a distributed power resource that can deliver Megawatts of power on demand. By enrolling in the program, you are making a meaningful contribution to Hawaii’s 100% renewable energy goal.

If you aren’t quite ready to enroll, you can schedule a call with our enrollment specialist and we can address any questions or concerns you may have.


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1. Does it cost money to join the HBR 2.0 Program?

No. The exact opposite. The number of Powerwalls you have and how soon you enroll determines the amount of Rewards you earn.

2. How much will I earn by participating?

The amount you’re paid to participate depends on, the number of batteries, system size, kwh produced, and time of use depending on grid demand. You will get an estimated range of savings when you enroll and you will see your fixed monthly payment on your utility bill after you enroll.

3. What are the rules and timeline for the upfront value payment?

  • Value determined after PTO and system analysis
  • Payment is made by HECO to system owner within 3 Months of Final Enrollment
  • Customer must stay enrolled for three years or HECO will request portion of payment back (same a Battery Bonus, prorated)
  • Upfront Value is based on # of NEW BATTERIES
  • Incentive is counted as taxable income like the monthly incentive
  • If a customer moves out the new homeowner can enroll in the program but will not receive the upfront incentive (kept by initial customer)

4. Is there any time commitment?

Yes. Customer must stay enrolled for three years or HECO will request portion of payment back

5. How do I receive my rewards?

Upfront payment is made by HECO to system owner within 3 Months of final enrollment. You will see a reduction on your electric bill every month. The HBR program will have a special itemized line on your bill. If your incentive reaches your minimum bill or goes beyond your minimum bill you’ll also get a check from Hawaiian Electric each month.

6. What are the rules for monthly incentives?

  • Value determined after PTO and system analysis by Swell
  • Payment is made by HECO to customer ON UTILITY BILL every month in the form of an incentive
  • There is a range, but once value is determined, it is locked, same payment each month
  • If customer bill is reduced to a negative amount, they will be paid ANNUALLY by HECO
  • Negative bills will continue to accrue, go more negative, until annual payment
  • Monthly incentive is based on ALL BATTERIES (New and Existing together)
  • These values are no longer, net this is the raw incentive – customers will also have increased energy purchased while they participate
  • Incentive is counted as taxable income like the monthly incentive

7. How do I sign up?

Simply enroll by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this webpage. An Energy Consultant will get in touch to provide you further details and answer any questions you have regarding the program.

8. If I am already signed up for HBR how do I un-enroll and re-enroll?

9. How will my battery be managed for the HBR Program?

Your battery will be intelligently managed for the duration of the program to maximize the value of your normal operations and HBR benefits each day. As a result changes you make in the Tesla app won’t change the way your system operates while in the program.

10. What happens during a grid outage? Will my battery be asked to provide electricity to the grid?

Your system will “Island” itself and only provide electricity to your home as originally designed.

11. What are the program requirements?

You have a solar + storage system. You must unenroll from any other Hawaiian Electric programs i.e Hawaiian Electric “Energy Scout” Programs.

12. How does the Program Work?

Swell Energy partners with your utility to manage your system as well as all participants in the Home Battery Rewards program to respond to a specific need on the grid. This includes taking excess energy off the grid, or shifting energy from your battery to your home and the grid. The value of the program is based on the fact that your system can intelligently respond in real time.

13. I have solar plus battery storage, but not a Tesla Powerwall. Do I need a Tesla Powerwall to enroll?

At this time, only Tesla Powerwall customers can enroll in the Home Battery Rewards Program. Let us know your battery type by filling out the contact form and we will be in touch to discuss how you can participate when we are ready to enroll your battery type.

14. I have solar but I don’t have a battery, can I still participate?

No Powerwall, no problem! If you have solar, we can help you get a Powerwall installed so you can participate. Get in touch and we’ll advise the best options to get you going in the program.

15. Can I enroll in the program if I don’t have solar?

Currently the program is enrolling Hawaiian Electric customers who have solar installed on their homes with a Tesla Powerwall battery. We can install solar plus a Tesla Powerwall for homeowners without it who want to participate in the program. Fill out the contact form and a Swell Energy Consultant will be in touch to discuss your options.

16. What happens if I want to un-enroll from the program?

You can opt-out of the program at any time. There is no penalty for leaving and you will NOT be required to repay any funds received while in the program.

17. Who is Swell Energy?

Swell Energy is creating a greater grid for the greater good. As an energy management and smart grid solutions provider accelerating the mass adoption of clean energy technologies (solar plus Tesla Powerwall backup batteries), Swell is making it easy for businesses and homeowners to take control of their energy use, achieve energy security, and save costs.

18. What is the benefit of participating in HBR 2.0?

  1. Get an upfront incentive $3,700 – $7,000 per battery
  2. Earn monthly additional value from your Powerwall
  3. Increase grid stability in your neighborhood
  4. Reduce fossil fuels use and support the transition to a 100% renewable Hawaii