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Phase 4 FAQs - RevoluSun


Permit Closure / Validation Packet / HECO Execution / SYSTEM Energize


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Q. My permit is closed! What’s next?

A. If the Quality Control and Commissioning appointment has been completed, our Validation Team will review your Validation Packet and, if needed, revise your Interconnection Application to HECO to reflect its as-built configurations.

Q. I received an email from HECO with the subject: “Revisions Have Been Received”/ “Revisions Have Been Accepted”/ “Additional Information is required for your Validation Packet”. What was revised and do I need to take any action?

A. HECO’s validation process requires that your HECO application is updated to reflect all as-built equipment which includes manufactures and quantities of: module, inverter(s), breaker(s) and disconnect(s). This revision process is managed by RevoluSun and HECO; no action is required from you.


Q. When does my Validation Packet get submitted to HECO?

A. TWO milestones must occur before we can submit your Validation Packet HECO: Electrical Inspection Closure and the QC appointment. If there are any required revisits needed to gather additional information for your Validation Packet our Scheduling Coordinator will reach out to you to schedule this appointment. We kindly ask to have this area to the equipment accessible until you receive PTO.

Q. I received an email that HECO has received my Validation Packet, what’s next?

A. HECO will review your Validation Packet for completeness; once approved, they will email you HECO Agreement to you to DocuSign (e-sign) The subject line will read: “Please DocuSign: HECO program: Customer” Please be sure to check your emails (junk/spam folder) for this document. For further assistance, you may also visit this website for a tutorial on how to DocuSign: https://support.docusign.com/en/ articles/How-do-I-sign-a-DocuSign-document- Basic-Signing


Q. I just DocuSigned my HECO Agreement, what’s next?

A. You may expect to receive formal PTO within the next 2-3 weeks.

A. For CGS+ systems – Your HECO meter may have already been changed out to a new Advanced Meter and your system may have already left energized (with bypass hardware if applicable). No action is required from you at this time.

A. For SDP systems – Your meter will remain in place and your system may have already be energized. No action is required from you at this time.


Q. My system is energized, will I start to get credits from HECO for exported energy?

A. If you are in a program that allows you to get credits from HECO for exported energy (CGS and CGS+, Smart Export, SDP) you will start to reap the benefits of those credits after your Interconnection Agreement is formally executed by HECO, if you have not received this notice, the energy produced by your solar system will solely be used for your house loads.

Q. FINALLY! I received PTO from HECO, what’s next?

A. We’ve reached the finish line! Please contact us to energize your system remotely (if it not energized already) and if desired; schedule a technician to conduct a final walk-through of your solar system and answer any technical questions you may have.

A. You will receive your Owner’s Manual which includes: your Executed Contract, the Building Permit, your Final Design, Equipment Warranties and Monitoring information and HECO Brochures about your program you have been applied for

A. Your Project Ambassador will review your project to determine if there are any outstanding issues (i.e. HOA painting, remainder balance due) before closing out your project. If you need to report any outstanding issues or if you still have questions or concerns, please contact your Project Developer, Project Ambassador or Project Manager.

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A: For all POST-INSTALLATION related questions or concerns (i.e. Tesla/SolarEdge monitoring, roofing issues, HECO bill inquiries, panel maintenance), please contact:

RevoluSun Customer Care: 808-748-8888 Ext. 2
or email: customercare@revolusun.com

Mahalo again, for joining the RevoluSun and
trusting us to meet your solar needs!