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Referral App - RevoluSun

Referral App


RevoluSun has paid over $2 million in referrals!

The cost benefit of going solar doesn’t just end with lower energy costs. RevoluSun offers a referral program to customers and non-customers who are looking to benefit and earn a commission through RevoluSun’s referral program. This gives you the opportunity to share the benefits of going solar to your clients, friends, and family which benefits them, contributes to a more sustainable planet AND puts money in your pocket!

Our referral program makes it easy for you to send and track referrals and earn referral fees while helping your friends or family save money! It’s so easy and the best part about it is you can earn and collect rewards directly through your app!

1. visit app store

Follow this Link to download our app from the app store.

2. download APP

Once our app is downloaded & sign up as a user.

3. enter referral

Enter your referrals & track the progress all in the app.


what Referral Bonuses pay

$500* PV System

$250* Energy Storage

$250* Solar Hot Water

$250* Air Conditioning


* Referral bonuses are paid once your referral makes a purchase.Referral bonus is limited to one product per referral. If your referral yields more than one purchase you will receive the bonus from the highest referral amount of the products purchased as a result of your referral.