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RevoluSun Smart Home Roofing System - RevoluSun

RevoluSun Smart Home Roofing System

A Complete Roof System

At RevoluSun, we take great pride in delivering Complete Roof Systems because know how important it is for our families to have peace of mind when it comes to their homes. What do we mean by “Complete Roof System”?


There is a big difference between having roofing material installed and having roofing material installed to the exact specifications of the manufacturers. One is “getting a roof,” the other is having a fully warranted “Roof System” installed by RevoluSun.

asphalt shingle PV prep.jpg

Roof Options

RevoluSun does roof repair, shake refinishing, and remove & replace jobs, with or without PV.

  • Aluminum Shingle

  • Asphalt Shingle*

  • Ceramic Tile

  • GACO Refinishing*

  • Standing Seam

  • Synthetic Tile

  • Wood Shake

  • Wood Shingle

*Solar Reflective versions available


Certifications & Warranties

Our roofing team is trained in the proper application of roofing materials and they follow our best practice installation processes. Together, training and superior installation techniques allow us to offer the best warranties in the business.

  • CertainTeed 5-Star Roofer 50 year warranty

  • CertainTeed Certified Installer PV installation by a CertainTeed Certified Installer will not invalidate your CertainTeed roof warranty. (Any alterations to your roof by someone who’s not a Certified Installer will invalidate your CertainTeed roof warranty.)

  • GACO Certified Applicator 50 year material warranty

Quality Jobs begin with Quality Products


We know there are literally thousands of roofing options available to our customers, and the nuances of these products can be overwhelming for the average homeowner. At RevoluSun, we’ve vetted these products with industry professionals who have decades of experience, and we continually educate ourselves on the latest roofing technologies to make choosing the right option easy for the families we serve. This is why we recommend and install quality products like CertainTeed and GacoFlex roofing products.


Notable Projects


A 72 unit project on the west side of oʻahu


A luxury resort community on the west side of oʻahu


PV Installs.png

RevoluSun has worked on thousands of roofs and understands the unique needs of our island climate to provide our customers with the peace of mind they need.


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Our Roofing Team

Johnny Ayson, head of RevoluSun Roofing Division, has worked as a roofer for over 20 years in both the commercial and residential sectors. The roofing team is made up of 8 tradesmen who are skilled roofers, not laborers.