Solar Hot Water

Up to 40% of the average electric bill goes to heating water. RevoluSun offers three different kinds of systems to meet your household’s need for hot water.

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PV Hot Water

SunBandit systems use photovoltaic solar panels to harvest energy from the sun and send it as electricity to the tank to heat the water. Since no power is sent to the grid, SunBandit systems can be installed without utility oversight or approval. In addition to substantial hot water savings, the installation of a Sun Bandit system is eligible for a 30 percent Federal PV tax credit and a 35 percent state PV tax credit (capped at $2,250). The installation comes with a 10-year tank warranty and a 25-year PV panel warranty.

Benefits of a SunBandit PV Hot Water system include:

  • Low maintenance - no mechanical parts or pumps

  • Simple plumbing -- two water lines connected to the tank (one for water going in, one for heated water going out)

  • Safe - no risk of overheating, overhead water leaks or need to release pressure when the system is not being used (e.g., during an trip away from home)


hybrid electric water heater

The GE GeoSpring Hybrid Electric Water Heater is one of America's most efficient 50-gallon and 80-gallon water heaters - 70%* more efficient than a standard electric water heater. The GeoSpring uses an electric heat pump that works like a refrigerator, only backwards. Energy is extracted from the air to heat a pressurized refrigerant, which is then passed through condenser coils running through the water tank, which heats the water. The hybrid electric water heater can be powered by PV panels or electricity from the grid.

Things to know about hybrid electric water heaters:.

  • They run most efficiently in warm climates like Hawaii

  • While the pump extracts heat energy from the air, it cools and dehumidifies the space, which can help maintain better air quality for humid climates

  • They need to be installed in a closed space 10’ x 10’ or larger; an enclosed garage is ideal

  • Payback period for a household of five people is two years.



solar thermal hot water

Solar Thermal Hot Water panels are space efficient. They require the less roof area than PV panels to heat the same amount of water. In a solar thermal hot water system, water is pumped through a pressurized system onto the roof where it is heated in copper tubes and stored. Available  in 80 and 120 gallon tanks.