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Smart Power Solar Leasing - RevoluSun

Smart Power Solar Leasing

RevoluSun is proud to offer the Smart Power Solar Lease – a smart way for homeowners to power their homes with solar without paying money up front. Save 20% immediately on electricity and avoid rising HECO bills with our fixed rate for 20 years. 

How does it work?


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Step 1 – Design

A RevoluSun Smart Home Specialist will meet with you to design a PV system that will suit  your family’s energy need


Step 2 – Qualify, Approve, Build

Our Smart Home Specialist will work closely with you to find a monthly billing amount that works for you. Once you qualify for the lease, and provide your signature of approval on the agreement, RevoluSun will install the PV system.


Step 3 – Empowered by the Sun

When installation and permitting is complete and HECO has given Permission to Operate (PTO), RevoluSun will turn the system on and your home will now run on renewable energy!


Step 4 – Powered, Predictable

After the first month of the PV system being energized, you will be billed the fixed monthly amount.


Step 5 – Worry-Free and Guaranteed Production

Since the PV system is owned and maintained by RevoluSun, you can call us anytime should any issues arise. If  the system fails to produce the agreed amount of energy over the course of the year, RevoluSun will write you a check for the difference.


Step 6 – Freedom to Choose

At the end of the lease term, you can purchase the system for a nominal fee at market price (and continue to receive the energy the system produces for free) or have the system removed from your roof at no additional charge.


Who can benefit from a lease?

A lease may be perfect for you if you:

  • Want a fixed electricity bill for the next 20 years

  • Like the idea of someone else owning and maintaining the system

  • Have no need for a tax write-off

  • Don’t qualify for a loan, but have at credit score of 600 or higher

  • Currently pay a monthly electric bill to HECO (lease is generally 20% lower upfront and comparatively even lower over time)


How is Smart Power different from SunRun or other solar leases?


Keep it Local

Smart Power is a lease offered by RevoluSun which is a locally owned kamaaina company that has been in solar since 2009. We understand the unique island environment.

Hawaii Time Zone

Your lease and your system will be serviced locally during local business hours.

Hi-Powered QualitY

Smart Power PV Systems are built with high quality materials and panels that will continue to perform well throughout the duration of your lease and beyond.

Only the Best Backups

Smart Power PV systems feature power backup with Tesla Powerwall Batteries