SPAN Smart Panel



 Aloha, I’m Span… a smarter electrical panel!

Together we will shift your home to clean energy. I’m designed to pair with solar, storage, and electric vehicles and I’ll give you intuitive control over all your home energy.


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Real-time Control Turn spaces on and off from anywhere via your smart phone. Span gives you remote control of all your circuits, including lighting, appliances, and HVAC. 


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Powerful Insights Span runs real-time performance analytics to give you actionable insights about your home energy. Educating you on how to save more money on your homes electric bill.


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Customizable Backup Paired with battery storage, Span lets you stay adaptable during power outages via your Span Home app.


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Prioritize Control how you want to power your home during a power outage. Set and update your battery backup priorities in real time.





Your Bridge to Clean Energy



The Span Home App – Home Energy Insights & Controls at Your Fingertips