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Whole House Fans - RevoluSun

Whole House Fans


Whole House Fans

Designed to cool and ventilate your home by pulling warm, stale air up and out of the home while drawing fresh, cool air in, these whisper-quiet fans can be installed in a single, or multiple-fan configuration. Installation is quick — on average just two hours per fan. If air conditioning isn’t in your budget, consider a whole house fan from QuietCool to make your home more comfortable.




Cooler Home

Trade winds at the flip of the switch

Crack a window open and turn the fan on to feel the breeze right away. Your home will feel cooler almost instantly and this works especially well in the evenings when outside temperatures drop. 

Save Money

QuietCool Whole House Fans ventilate and cool your home for pennies an hour. These fans are proven to save homeowners up to 90 percent on air conditioning bills and can eliminate the need for AC altogether. 



Cleaner Air

QuietCool whole house fans completely replace the air in the home every two to three minutes, expelling odors, germs, smoke, VOC gases, pet dander, steam and heat from the living space.