Go Solar with RevoluSun Today! – 0% Interest and No Payments for 24 Months*

During these uncertain times, are you looking for a way to save money and get back some peace of mind? Let the experts at RevoluSun install a solar system with battery backup for NO MONEY DOWN and NO PAYMENTS for TWO YEARS*!

Drastically reduce your electricity bill, protect your family against power outages, and put Hawaii’s year-round sunshine to work for you with photovoltaic financing that gives you the money to start installing solar panels on your home today!

Affordable Rates – ZERO down and ZERO payments for 24 months.*

Reduce Your Electricity Bill – A RevoluSun PV system with battery backup is a smart way to save money.

Easy Financing – Call us today to get started!

See how you can maximize your energy savings while keeping more money in your pocket

The average electricity bill for a family of four in Hawaii is $300/month. If you multiply that by 24 months, you will be saving $7,200 dollars!** In addition to these incredible savings, you will instantly add value to your home and provide your family peace of mind with secure, dependable, and reliable power.

We are committed to our community and hope this offer helps those of you that are looking for ways to save money during this difficult time. Call us at 748.8888 or fill out our online contact form to learn how you can take advantage of 0% Interest and No Payments for 24 Months today!


The PV Loan program is available only for PV systems installed by participating contractors. Subject to approval. The PV Loan program is not applicable for refinancing of existing loans for PV systems, is subject to change, and may end at any time. No prepayment penalty. Rates are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Must be a Hawaii resident.

*$2500 refundable deposit is due at signing.

The Photo Voltaic (PV) Loan program features 0% interest rate and no payments for the first 24 months with a subsequent interest rate of 7.70%, 8.10%, or 8.70% for the remaining 6 years based on your creditworthiness. The APR over the entire 96 month term of the loan is 4.525%, 4.753%, or 5.094%, respectively. The interest rates include a 0.25% discount for establishing auto-pay from an HSFCU checking account at the time of loan origination. The interest rate will be 0.25% higher and the APRs will be 0.143% higher without the discount. Rates are effective 5/1/2023 and are subject to change without notice.

A loan of $30,000 with a 7.70% interest rate will have: 72 payments of $521.61 and total interest paid of $7,556.18. A loan of $30,000 with an 8.10% interest rate will have: 72 payments of $527.46 and total interest paid of $7,977.35. A loan of $30,000 with an 8.70% interest rate will have: 72 payments of $536.31 and total interest paid of $8,614.33. Payments begin on the 25th month and continue until the 96th month.

These are estimates only. Speak to a Hawaii State FCU loan representative at any branch for more information

**Individual savings are determined by the homes usage. Each clients savings will vary depending on their energy demand.