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We are Revolusunary!


"The best part about working with RevoluSun was their professionalism; I feel they are the best solar company in Hawaii." - Locke Family


"During our new home construction, we chose RevoluSun. A superior product and professional people. -Ventura Family


"RevoluSun did a great job, we are very happy and would recommend RevoluSun to our friends and family." -H. Wakuzawa


"“My RevoluSun Project Developer was down to earth, straight forward, and easy to work with" -P. Chambers


"The decision to invest in a Photovoltaic System from RevoluSun was a no brainer." -B. McCutcheon


Hawaii’s Leading Solar Company

RevoluSun. It’s not just a name. It’s a movement. Going solar is fantastic for the bottom line, but it’s more than that. It’s setting a good example for future generations. It’s being responsible with our resources. It’s treating the land and our neighbors on this planet with respect. Our customers – we like to call them RevoluSunaries – choose solar because they want to do well financially while they do good environmentally. And all of our employees from our receptionist to our Project Managers bring this RevoluSunary passion to every project they undertake. Go solar. Change the world. Join the RevoluSun.

Commercial News


POP Fishing & Marine and United Fishing Agency have joined the RevoluSun!


Hagadone has joined the RevoluSun!

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