Energy Storage

Solar energy storage (AKA “batteries”) can provide crucial backup energy to your home in the event of a grid outage. An integral part of a Customer Self-Supply system, solar storage batteries allow homeowners to self-power their homes and cars with 100% solar energy.

The Tesla Powerwall can provide seamless energy backup for the entire home when grid power goes down. Power settings allow owners to choose whether they want maximum power reserve or use the all their stored energy daily to power the home at night.


Powerwall offers the lowest price per kilowatt-hour battery storage


The Powerwall can be installed indoors or out with a NEMA 3R rating and an Ingress IP67 rating. Tesla Powerwall enclosures are built to be installed indoor or outdoor and protect agains falling dirt, rain, sleet, and snow.


Powerwall is touch-safe for children and pets with no exposed wires or hot vents


Powerwall is scalable. Up to ten 13.4 kWh batteries can be linked together in one system.


Powerwall can provide seamless backup of the entire home automatically when the grid goes down.


Consume more of what your panels produce instead of selling it to the power company at a discount, or worse, wasting it because you’re not home to use it during the day!