Rest Easy With RevoluSun!

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The recent storm that rolled through our islands left record-level rain and caused severe flooding, landslides, road closures, numerous power outages and even a potential reservoir collapse. The news images, live reports and constant severe weather alerts on our phones were enough to keep even the heaviest sleeper up at night.

Can you imagine what it’s like to be a solar company responsible for over 800,000-plus rooftop penetrations from Kahuku to Kona? If you’re Hawaii’s No. 1 solar energy provider, it’s not difficult at all.

There was a level of calm in the RevoluSun offices throughout the week. Our phones weren’t ringing off the hook and things were pretty normal. In fact, during one of the heaviest rain events in the past few years we had just six calls from our base of over 7,500 clients. We responded to each, in person, the same day.

At RevoluSun, we provide our customers a wealth of resources when issues arise, and while we aren’t perfect, we take great pride in our team’s response in adverse conditions.


While anyone can claim to install “quality” solar systems, RevoluSun has the history to back it up. When we opened our doors in July of 2009, solar installation practices were specific to the industry and did not take into consideration any of the lessons learned from more established roofing and construction trades.

RevoluSun noticed the problems and potential liability in our competitors’ installation practices, namely waterproofing. There are roof penetrations to anchor the frame of a solar system and the industry standard at that time was to use a waterproof caulk adhesive to essentially “goop” over a bolt or component to seal it. This was known as “goop and go.”

RevoluSun considered a better way to do things and adopted the roofing industry’s proven methodology and process of installing raised aluminum flashing. RevoluSun was the first to do this and paved the way for a higher-quality solar panel installation in Hawaii.

Consequently, RevoluSun’s commitment to quality solar system installs generally meant there was always going to be a difference in price when you compared a RevoluSun system to one of our competitors. The “goop and go” methodology everyone else used costs about 50 cents per penetration, while our “flashing approach” costs $36. If you consider that for every panel installed there are 1.5 penetrations in the roof surface, you can see how our pricing was higher than the competition. However, from the very beginning, we decided that we wouldn’t install anything but the most tested and proven products. We don’t cut corners at RevoluSun. Never have. Never will.

At RevoluSun, we continue to improve our processes and the components we use, even if that means a higher initial investment for our customers, because we understand the lasting and overall value it brings to their home.

At RevoluSun, severe weather reminds us that staying true to quality products, people, installation methods and customer experience continually earns us the reputation of being Hawaii’s No. 1 solar energy provider year after year. We promise to deliver you peace of mind on your solar investment. From solar panels down to the tiniest bolt, every piece of your installation is meticulously planned out. Your system will perform like we promised. You will have electricity when you need it most, even during the most extreme storms, so you and your family can rest easy.

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