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Luca Aceto, Author at RevoluSun

Streamlining Solar Energy for Townhome Owners

In a notable advancement for renewable energy accessibility, the Solar Task Force, led by the Department of Permitting and Planning (DPP) in collaboration with HSEA and solar industry leaders like RevoluSun, has achieved a significant milestone that promises to make solar energy adoption quicker and more feasible for townhome owners in Hawaii. This initiative underscores … Read more

How does Net Energy Metering work?

1. Your PV panels will produce energy throughout the day. 2. The energy that is produced will be used to power your home. 3. Any extra energy that your home doesn’t utilize will then be sent to the grid. That energy is stored up in your account as credits that you can use at a later time. 4. … Read more

Why is My Bill Still High

If your bill is still high after your panels have been installed, here are some questions to ask: If you have answered no to all of these questions, please call our Oahu solar installation technicians at (808) 748-8888.

Why do I still get a bill from the utility company if my system is offsetting all of my usage?

The utility generally applies a minimum charge for their service of between $15 and $20, depending on a few different variables. On the months when you use more electricity than normal, your utility will provide you with any extra kilowatt hours you need, and usually the extra credits you had in the bank (Net Energy … Read more