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Grid Services: RevoluSun's Next Big Thing - RevoluSun

Grid Services: RevoluSun’s Next Big Thing

Last July, Hawaiian Electric introduced two new Grid Service programs: the Home Battery Rewards and Battery Bonus Programs. The programs are designed to incentivize existing solar system owners to add a battery, and new solar and storage clients would also receive an incentive.

If this is news to you, you’re probably wondering what “Grid Services” are and secondly, why is a utility company paying its customers? Below we will shine some light on everything solar and grid services.

What are Grid Services?

Grid Services, also called Power Partnerships, are a new relationship between utility customers and the utility where solar roofs, batteries, electric vehicles and other load flexible devices can be combined to support the grid. In this relationship the customers are rewarded with credits on their bill and in some cases in the form of a check, to allow aggregators to “tap into their device” (within limits), to help the utility provide clean, reliable power.

Wait … the customer gets the incentive? No Can?!

Can! RevoluSun’s utility has the responsibility to make sure that the power comes on when you “flip the switch” and to provide reliable, quality service to all its customers. Rewarding customers through a Grid Service program is much more affordable for the utility than building a “peaker plant” or other infrastructure to guarantee reliable power. At large, the Island benefits from these programs, as they are powered by renewable energy! It’s a win/win/win for everyone.

Sounds great! What are my options?

You have two great options, the Home Battery Rewards Program and Battery Bonus Program. Both programs reward the homeowner for allowing their battery to be accessible to the grid during certain times of the day or during a grid event. The lengths of the programs vary, as well as eligibility depending on what type of tariff you are in. The rewards are different for each program as well.

How do I decide which program is best for me?

That’s where Hawaii’s #1 Solar and Storage company, RevoluSun, comes in! RevoluSun is leading the way in the Grid Service space, having enrolled hundreds of customers into both programs. RevoluSun and its 10,000 customers are collectively building the largest group of grid service enrollments in Hawaii. Who better than RevoluSun?

Fun Fact: Did you know that locally owned and operated RevoluSun was the #1 residential solar and storage company in the country in 2019? And it has been the #1 solar and storage company in Hawaii since 2018.