The Solar Industry is Always Changing: RevoluSun Has Been Working Hard to Stay on Top!

Over the years, the solar industry has become increasingly competitive, especially in Hawaii. We have seen many of our competitors close their doors because of this, leaving their customers with many questions on who to go to for their solar as they no longer have anyone to call. We refer to the many obstacles solar companies face as the “solar coaster”. This is why supporting your local solar company is so vital.

Has Your Local Solar Company Gone Out of Business?

Has your local solar company gone out of business? You’re not alone! The “Boom to Bust” Solar surge left a lot of homeowners without a solar company to call for technical support. This is why it’s so important to go with a reputable, long standing, local solar company like Revolusun. If you are in the market for a solar company, here are a few things you can do to make sure you choose a solar company that will stick around.

New Changes With Solar Tax Credits for PV and Solar Hot Water Systems That You Should Know About!

Solar tip to the wise: Keeping yourself updated on solar tax credits is so important as a homeowner with solar! Our slogan at RevoluSun is, “the best time to go solar was yesterday, and the second best time is today!” You don’t want to miss out on receiving a full tax credit while it’s still available! With exciting new battery incentives we are seeing big checks sent out to our clients and for the first time in Hawaii’s solar history, NEGATIVE HECO BILLS! There are two great tax incentives that you should take advantage of while you still can.

How Do I Know if My Solar Panels Need to be Cleaned?

Living in Hawaii we are surrounded by the beautiful vast ocean, as well as lush greenery, valleys, and more. Although the view is great, these environmental factors can be our solar panel’s worst enemy over time. This is why it is so important to clean your solar panels so they are working at peak efficiency.

Want to Invest in Solar but Don’t Know Where to Start?

Are you interested in getting started with solar but have no idea where to start? You aren’t alone! Our solar specialists are very knowledgeable and will meet with you in person or virtually for a free consultation and will explain the process, incentives, loan programs, and different avenues our clients have gone through to invest in solar.