Grid Services: RevoluSun’s Next Big Thing

Last July, Hawaiian Electric introduced two new Grid Service programs: the Home Battery Rewards and Battery Bonus Programs. The programs are designed to incentivize existing solar system owners to add a battery, and new solar and storage clients would also receive an incentive. If this is news to you, you’re probably wondering what “Grid Services” … Read more

3 Reasons to Get a Split AC today.

Although spring started 2 weeks ago, the last few days are already showing signs of summer. We know that Hawaii summers get hot and data has shown increased summer temperatures for the past 10 years, so we can expect more record breaking temperatures in the coming months.
Here are 3 reasons to get started with your AC project today!

Rest Easy With RevoluSun!

There was a level of calm in the RevoluSun offices throughout the week. Our phones weren’t ringing off the hook and things were pretty normal. In fact, during one of the heaviest rain events in the past few years we had just six calls from our base of over 7,500 clients. We responded to each, in person, the same day.

RevoluSun Shines

A few years ago, you could find hundreds of solar companies competing for your business. Today, there
are just a handful of solar companies still operating… so, what happened?